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Site Under Construction

Oh No….this site has some problems we need to fix…..but you can still register to advertise…..


Site Mission:

Help United States Very Small Businesses advertise business, products and services!


How To Advertise Your Business For Free
(or very cheap, if free is not available).

Are you a very small business?

Do you wish to advertise at this site when it is ready?


I like options. Here are some options of what you can do right now!

You can join one or more of the mail lists below to help me identify you and your business.

When the site is ready to advertise you will be notified.

At the moment, if you subscribe to the very small business network mail list, you will be able to advertise your business for free for one year, when the site is ready. But do not expect the free deal to be on the table long. If you wait, you will have to pay later to gain access.

The first letter from that mail system will tell you, that you do get to advertise for free for one year.
(and that is the only letter or email message in that system)

OR You could……

*Qualify your United States Very Small Business (or any size business) by registering and verifying your business with the  Very Small Business Organization site.

*Qualify your United States Very Small Business (or any size business) by registering and verifying your business with the Creative Teams Network site.

*Registration requires a few pieces of data and verification requires more data about your business. Once verified, your verified data will be passed to this site and you will be given a free 90 day ad listing.

The offer for a free 90 day ad listing  expires  on 31 March 2020. As long as you register and verify by midnight, Eastern Standard Time (EST) 31 March 2020, you will be entitled to a free 90 day premium listing.

You will also be able to optionally extend your first year of membership for an additional year at a cost of $39.00.  Yes, that is 15 months of advertising for 39 bucks!

The new cost to get the same advertising (without the premium listing features) will be increased to no less than $49.00 or more, once site construction is near completion!

Any affordable price is a good deal and paying less than $5.00 per month (when paid annually) is an excellent deal for a years worth of advertising!


Thanks and Have Great Day!

Salvatore Zingale – Site Owner/Administrator